It was January 26, 2013,  second SOP since January 12 session was cancelled but also our last SOP day. We were all excited as we started the day. Some of us went straight to the area while others assembled in Xavier.

Once we arrived at the Unang Hakbang Foundation, the kids were all excited as they paraded outside the car area.  Excited as I was to know them more,  we received a bad news that the kids can only stay until 10:30. In short, one of our SOP Saturdays got cancelled, and now our last SOP was also shortened. Because of this, we planned to tutor them for this last session of the SOP. I learned that in Math, they were already being taught division and for Science, they were being taught the different parts of the body. This is the time when the students become the teachers. It is our time to let our light shine and discuss whatever we have learned in Xavier, all the shortcuts and methods, and cram it to them in one session. To make learning fun,  we made our “teaching method”  a game like number fever. Basically, the rule is the class will be divided into several groups having at least 4 members (depending on the total number of students). Next, each member will be assigned a number. Then, we will be asking them a question and we will call out a number. The first person to stand up and clap his hands will be given the chance to answer the specific question. The group with the most points will win.

I learned that the students were really different from us in the sense that they take education very seriously.  They were really into studying and were really participative. Some of us would always pray for typhoon signals raised so that we have suspension of classes. This shows how little we value school time. Some don’t even pay attention to the teacher anymore especially with the temptation an iPad offers.  What is the purpose of going to school?   We go to school to learn and at the same time to meet with friends and have fun. I am thankful for the SOP sessions that Xavier has provided for allowing us to learn more about ourselves and more about the people around us.  Even though we have more “things” in life, better school building, more comfortable chairs and classrooms, it is basically the attitude we put into learning that defines what type of students we are and what kind of men we become when we graduate.  I realized again that God is giving me this opportunity and it is part of his plan. To whom much is given, much is also expected. It becomes our responsibility now to become light to others and serve our purpose to let others feel God’s presence through us. Because of this, I believe that gratitude is what I have learned. It helped me appreciate what i have and helped me see everything good.



  1. wcheah15

    Indeed, the SOP experience allowed us to learn more about ourselves, the people around us, and God up there. It is through the SOP experience where our minds are enlightened by the stories of our less fortunate partners. Hopefully, we could remember and appreciate every little thing in our life because some people don’t have anything at all in their life. We should all be thankful to the Lord.

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