Wanna Have Fun?

Wanna Have Fun?

This is actually the second time I’m using the iPad to edit a video, but this time I have to work alone. My objective for the video is to actually catch the attention of the foreign and domestic tourists so that they would have a reason to visit the various island of the Philippines. In the video, I have added a variety of pictures portraying the attractions the Philippines has to offer. I began by creating a unique and catchy title. Then, I’ve placed different pictures while I voiced out a description of the pictures. Lastly, I concluded the video by asking a question.

Before creating the video, it is important to have a script to follow. The script is an outline on basically what will be presented or seen in the video itself. For me, it was easier to do the script itself rather that the video editing because in the script, all the things I wanted to be incorporated in the video was enumerated. As for the video, it is important to follow the script, add effects and make transitions to make the video catchy. While I was doing the script, I was already thinking, will this attract the viewers?, will the video I make be catchy?, will the images that I use convey my message clearly? These are the different problems I was thinking of. Fortunately, I had a mindset of “Hakuna Matata” which means no worries. Because of this, I trusted my instincts, finished the video and I felt happy seeing the result. During the actual video shooting, it was difficult to record my voice since the surrounding is full of noises. I had to find a perfect spot for me to be able to hear myself and reduce noise in the background. The video editing was difficult because the photos i obtained were not clear and this might affect my score.


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