My Dream House

This is my dream house. Although it looks weird, I can assure you that this house is sturdy. I designed it this way to create different rooms and to make the house unique. Have you ever seen a house with no doors, a rollable entrance and no definite shape? I guess not! 😀 I designed it this way to save electricity. Instead of having air conditioners inside the house, I will be using the air that is always present and is free of charge. Of course, the internal design is not yet finished, but I can guarantee you that you won’t regret living in this house. You might think that this is not a house yet since there are no floors yet, but again this is not the final product. You can always redecorate/renovate it to the way you like it. I really hope that people would like this kind of house due to the fact that it is unique and would want to try something new. 🙂


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