Right now, I haven’t thought of what I wanted to become in the future. However, I certainly hope someday that I could be a model for different brands of shirts/shorts. This however is just a part time job and not really a full time job. πŸ˜› In Xavier, I’m just trying my best to study hard and get to a good college once I graduate πŸ˜€

This is me! Me smiling represents that I am a very cheerful person. Every time I feel upset, I would always remember the good times and keep smiling. This is not only for me, but I also try to cheer other people as well whenever they feel gloomy. πŸ™‚

My favorite sport is basketball. Every time I play, it makes all my problems and stress disappear. I engage in playing basketball not because I was forced, but because I have fun. In all the activities that we do, it is important that we have fun and to learn our own limitations. Remember YOLO! (You Only Live Once) \m/


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